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Living in a world of information and technology, it is crucial to understand demographics and areas of interest in order to deliver your advertisement to the right market.


Here is a small example of the areas we are capable of targeting through our consumer and business lists:

Affluent households

Age and date of birth

Credit Card holders




Homeowners or Renters

Home Value


Length of Residence

Lifestyle Categories

Mail Order Buyers

Marital Status

Medical Ailments

New Homeowners

New Movers

New Parents


Pet Owners

Phone Numbers

Special Interests



Job Title

Number of Employees

SIC Code

Revenue in Sales


Contact us to learn more about a list that will best fit your target market.

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Sendit Media has the ability to reach a magnitude of highly targeted consumer  and business professionals for your company. We access over 100 Million Opt-In email addresses that can be targeted in a number of different manners. Email is   the most cost effective channel of marketing to deliver your message to a target audience.

There are three crucial steps in every successful email campaign.  At Sendit Media, we create, deliver, and track custom campaigns for small niche companies to Multi Million dollar organizations.


Sendit Media will develop a unique advertisement that consumers will be attracted to and enticed to click on, sending them directly to your website. This is called the creative. Sendit Media employs some of the top graphic artists in the industry for your creative development.


Any company can claim to send emails out, however if they are not DELIVERED, this does you no good. Sendit Media employs IT professionals and maintains close partnerships in order to maintain a white listed status   with almost all of the major Internet Service Providers throughout the United States. What does this mean? It means our email gets DELIVERED. In fact, we provide a full tracking report on all email campaigns after the mail has been delivered.


Sendit Media, offers some of the most extensive tracking capabilities in the industry. Tracking will help to determine the exact response of your audience. It will let us know how many people opened your email and how many people were delivered to your website. This will  also help us to determine if any adjustments need to be made in future campaigns to better your results. © 2007      • Privacy PolicyTermsHOMEAbout UsServicesOur ListsContact Us