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The leader in online & offline marketing space.

SendIt Media delivers results while providing first class customer service.

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About Sendit Media

Sendit Media is a leader in the online and offline marketing space.  Our mission is to provide marketing services that deliver results to our clients through the use of permission-based targeted data. Sendit Media was built on the motto of not only delivering results, but providing first class customer service while doing so. 


As technology changes day to day, so do the ways of maintaining a competitive edge. Sendit Media has been able to help our clients maintain that competitive edge through our team of marketing professionals and utilizing highly targeted data. We continue to build a successful database for our clients through strategic partnerships and relationships with different websites. Sendit Media has developed some of the most responsive consumer and business data in the industry through these manners.  We believe a successful relationship is measured on the results we bring to your bottom line.

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